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Work Desk


Private Coaching

Confidential one on one sessions that give working professionals the opportunity to discuss career and wellbeing with someone who understands the demands of corporate life and the balance required to maintain a happy and long career.


Organisational Group Coaching

Nick conducts coaching programmes within organisations where he works with targeted employees in helping them achieve both professional and wellbeing goals.


Executive Consulting

Nick works alongside executives in a more intensive capacity, to help uncover blind spots and provide honest feedback from someone who is not attached to their professional nor private lives. The end goal is to help executives to be better leaders and technicians whilst ensuring that their work life balance and wellbeing are being effectively managed.


Keynote Speaking

Nick draws on lived experience in addressing topics that include;


  • Key issues to be aware of when dealing with burnout and work life imbalance

  • Techniques to help manage or avoid those potholes

  • Showing managers and leaders how to do more for themselves and their staff when it comes to wellbeing in the workplace

  • Take the audience on a mental health journey that they may find relatable

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