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Nick has been a trusted adviser to both me and my team over a period of several years.


Nick provides wise and balanced advice, underpinned by his extensive experience if the financial services industry.


It is such an asset to any team to have an external mentor that has seen it all and knows how to communicate his advice in a meaningful way.Highly recommended.


Executive roles can be isolating, and Nick is a trusted source of

perspective and sage advice that is always there at the right time for me.

Nick has helped me with quality, practical advice from a respected

leader who has seen and done it all. Nick is honest and insightful but without judgement; he is one of the few people I could tell anything.

Nick has helped me with career mentoring and successes, as well as navigating difficult professional and personal challenges. He cares deeply for his clients and supports holistically across the

professional and personal.

I am grateful to have Nick as my trusted advisor and mentor


Nick’s approach encourages honest and open dialogue, and we have covered a multitude of topics including career development, strategic thinking, people management, conflict resolution, as well as personal well-being.

Through our coaching sessions we have identified clear actions for me to take to address these areas and I feel I have made improvements across the board.


From the outset, Nick gave me a safe space to delve into issues worrying me/affecting my work. His own story of success but more so the pitfalls encountered on his journey quickly gained my complete trust to explore ways I could improve.


I would also highly recommend Nick to anyone dealing with any form of wellbeing issue affecting their work. 


….perhaps the best gauge of the impact Nick has had is from my wife who says that ‘Nick is by far the best thing that has happened to you at work”.

To further my career in Finance but also maintain balance in my life I have always seen having a mentor as a key requirement. Nick Gorman has quickly become an invaluable mentor to me professionally and personally.
Nick has already in a few short months helped me navigate tough professional and personal decisions. His counsel has assisted me to stay resilient and make decisions I am comfortable with and proud of. Nick’s experience in the financial markets means he understands the challenges that all young professionals face. Nick’s advice is always thoughtful, relevant and considers the human aspect.
I have honestly found Nick to be the most impactful mentor I have had to date. This is because he not only understands the industry with extreme depth, he takes the time to understand the people he is mentoring so his insights are always tailored to you.


I have found discussions with someone outside of my direct work sphere enables true transparency and a different perspective. I would highly recommend Nick’s services to anyone looking to improve themselves and their work career.


Nick has a unique ability to listen whilst providing sound, measured advice. He has a clear passion for helping and talking with people and supporting their development.
I would recommend Nick to all other workmates and I look forward to continuing to work with him into the future.



I think Nick is filling a much-needed gap in the market. The importance of career development and guidance is well-known but having this guidance at arms-length from your employer and from as trustworthy a source as Nick, is essential. In my opinion, it is the difference between lip-service and adding genuine value, both to the recipient and their employer. 
Nick brings decades of professional experience to this role but critically, he also brings arguably the much more important qualities of empathy and the ability to truly listen to others. I wholeheartedly endorse his efforts and believe the benefits for those involved will be numerous.



The time that I’ve had with Nick has allowed me to discuss both work and personal issues and find solutions. These discussions  can only be shared with someone who knows the industry, specifically the pressures, and has allowed me to be both more productive, less stressed and find specific solutions and ways to handle and navigate corporate frustrations. 
Nick is not judgemental, more practical and thoughtful with his suggestions around strategic planning.



It is a joy to write a testimony for someone that has so positively impacted my life for almost 10 years. Nick has successfully mentored me through many of the hardest moments of both my career and personal life, spanning many years, roles and banks. The value of his contributions grows exponentially the more senior I become. 
His approach mirrors that of my closest family - completely trusted, unflinchingly honest and always without judgement. His personality and experience give him a rare insight into what makes people and businesses successful within the finance industry and affords him a unique ability to cut through the noise of markets and life  so I may find clarity in difficult decision making. In times of extreme stress, he has given me the tools to simplify my problems to a point I can manage each in harmony with the others. He gives me a way forward.
Nick doesn’t tell me what to do. His approach is to empower me to find the answers to my most difficult questions. Quite simply, without his guidance I would have struggled to get where I am today. Nick takes genuine joy celebrating my successes and is there to help me when I am down and has often been the one to ask the question that makes me realise I am tracking off course. He is always my first call when I am lost for progress, though I also take great value from his regular check-ins. I look forward to many more years of wise counsel ahead.




"Nick has given me the tools to simplify my problems"


"Nick's approach encourages honest and open dialogue"


"I am grateful to have Nick as my trusted adviser and mentor"
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