In the years I have known Nick, he has been a wise and calming influence.  He has a wealth of experience, which he draws upon for his general counsel. His integrity and standing in the business world positions him to offer sage advice and coaching. 
He is my trusted advisor and mentor. 
As a young finance professional navigating the industry, I have found Nick's support and counsel to be extremely helpful as I progress through the early stages of my career.
Nick has worked with me on becoming more effective at handling challenges, both in my work and personal life, with resilience. He has developed my ability to compartmentalise and manage stress effectively, which is an essential skill when working in a fast-paced environment like a market trading floor. We have focused on strategies to improve my communication skills, which has built up my confidence in approaching tough conversations in the work place, leading to more effective outcomes.
Nick is highly personable, energetic and thoughtful advisor. With his level of knowledge and experience in the financial industry, I would recommend Nick to any firm or individual who is looking to align personal development with career goals in order to improve job performance.
Most graduates that Citi hire have a high intellectual capacity. Although this is crucial in succeeding in a challenging business-like markets or Investment Banking, surviving and progressing in this industry requires more than that. 
I found my interactions with Nick really helpful when it comes to dealing with things that requires high EQ and experience in this industry. Although he knows the industry well, his independence makes him easier to talk to and makes his advice more reliable. With his help the interaction between juniors and seniors can be improved significantly. He helps juniors to deliver the right message to their seniors in a right way. 
 He is a great mentor to learn from.
......Between the hustle and bustle of our respective roles in financial markets, Nick would somehow find time to offer advice and - perhaps more importantly - ask questions of myself and my fellow junior employees. It is this innate concern for the staff around him that drove me to adopt him as a mentor. It is through his advice and guidance that I developed many of the soft skills that are required for succeeding as an employee of the loud and boisterous - often intimidating - trading floor.  
Following his departure from Citigroup, we have evolved into a more formalised mentoring and guidance program. Nick’s consideration of broader life issues such as mental wellbeing has always impressed me. It has meant that he has only guided me in my career but also more extensively in life. 
I have no doubt, that without Nick’s guidance and leadership, I would not be in the position I am today. It is Nick’s persona that makes him ideal for such a role among young people in finance. His beliefs are grounded by the notion that success is not just measured by financial success or career progression. His holistic approach to counselling is more important than ever in an industry filled with high-achievers. 
I couldn’t be more complimentary of the service that Nick Gorman has provided me over the last few months and I truly believe it is a significant gap for Citi’s staff development/retainment. 
After moving to Sydney from a family and background that hadn’t involved the Finance industry, I spent the first years of my career somewhat lost from a mentoring perspective given I only could rely on contacts I had made internally at Citi. 
With this in mind, I have never felt I was truly able to open up about what was actually challenging me from a day to day perspective, with some of these items starting as trivial, but building to more material issues the longer I bottled them up. 
Whilst the fact that Nick is removed from Citi’s infrastructure is certainly a positive, the clear advantage is derived from his extensive understanding of the industry which is what I have been missing when trying to convey my personal issues with prior mentors that I used throughout University. 
After experiencing this service, I scratch my head as to why this style of program is not already in place.
To further my career in Finance but also maintain balance in my life I have always seen having a mentor as a key requirement. Nick Gorman has quickly become an invaluable mentor to me professionally and personally.
Nick has already in a few short months helped me navigate tough professional and personal decisions. His counsel has assisted me to stay resilient and make decisions I am comfortable with and proud of. Nick’s experience in the financial markets means he understands the challenges that all young professionals face. Nick’s advice is always thoughtful, relevant and considers the human aspect.
I have honestly found Nick to be the most impactful mentor I have had to date. This is because he not only understands the industry with extreme depth, he takes the time to understand the people he is mentoring so his insights are always tailored to you.


Nick is a very experienced “old hand” in the financial markets. I have found regular discussions with him both insightful and thought provoking. He has “been there, done that” in almost any situation. He uses his years of experience to provide career suggestions. He is a fantastic listener and I always feel he has heard what I’ve said. His advice is frank and to the point, which is exactly what I need. 
I have found discussions with someone outside of my direct work sphere enables true transparency and a different perspective. I would highly recommend Nick’s services to anyone looking to improve themselves and their work career.




Over the last few months I’ve been meeting with Nick Gorman to discuss leadership development in my current role and future career goals and objectives. I have found his coaching and years of experience and expertise in equities and the finance industry more broadly invaluable to my own development. 
Nick has a unique ability to listen whilst providing sound, measured advice. He has a clear passion for helping and talking with people and supporting their development.
I would recommend Nick to all other workmates and I look forward to continuing to work with him into the future.
I think Nick is filling a much-needed gap in the market. The importance of career development and guidance is well-known but having this guidance at arms-length from your employer and from as trustworthy a source as Nick, is essential. In my opinion, it is the difference between lip-service and adding genuine value, both to the recipient and their employer. 
Nick brings decades of professional experience to this role but critically, he also brings arguably the much more important qualities of empathy and the ability to truly listen to others. I wholeheartedly endorse his efforts and believe the benefits for those involved will be numerous.
I’m really excited about the opportunity to work with Nick in the future.



The time that I’ve had with Nick has allowed me to discuss both work and personal issues and find solutions. These discussions  can only be shared with someone who knows the industry, specifically the pressures, and has allowed me to be both more productive, less stressed and find specific solutions and ways to handle and navigate corporate frustrations. 
Nick is not judgemental, more practical and thoughtful with his suggestions around strategic planning.



It is a joy to write a testimony for someone that has so positively impacted my life for almost 10 years. Nick has successfully mentored me through many of the hardest moments of both my career and personal life, spanning many years, roles and banks. The value of his contributions grows exponentially the more senior I become. 
His approach mirrors that of my closest family - completely trusted, unflinchingly honest and always without judgement. His personality and experience give him a rare insight into what makes people and businesses successful within the finance industry and affords him a unique ability to cut through the noise of markets and life  so I may find clarity in difficult decision making. In times of extreme stress, he has given me the tools to simplify my problems to a point I can manage each in harmony with the others. He gives me a way forward.
Nick doesn’t tell me what to do. His approach is to empower me to find the answers to my most difficult questions. Quite simply, without his guidance I would have struggled to get where I am today. Nick takes genuine joy celebrating my successes and is there to help me when I am down and has often been the one to ask the question that makes me realise I am tracking off course. He is always my first call when I am lost for progress, though I also take great value from his regular check-ins. I look forward to many more years of wise counsel ahead.



I met Nick through a colleague and was interested to learn more about the idea of an external mentor program.  Through working with Nick I have been able to articulate challenges I face and weakness I struggle with in an incredibly honest way. With Nick’s wonderful interpersonal skills and his understanding of financial markets (specifically the trading floor) he is able to create a rare environment of trust and understanding. Together we have come up with a number of strategies to tackle specific challenges and areas for improvement and I am very pleased with the results and incredibly grateful for his guidance and perspective.